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Community Access Services

Daily Grace Community Living Services is our program targeting adults aged 18 years old and older with developmental disabilities and/or intellectual disabilities an opportunity to live a fulfilled life through life skills training such as earning a livable wage or participating in volunteer service, developing friendships, and relationships, living independently in the community. And, be a valuable contributing citizen of their community. These services are covered by the Georgia DBHDD under the NOW (New Options Waiver)/COMP (Comprehensive Supports) Waiver Programs.


To qualify for these waiver programs and be offered the choice of community-based services instead of institutional care, the individual must first meet the criteria for Medicaid payment in an institution and certain other criteria. specific qualifications:

  • Are categorically eligible Medicaid recipients; and 

  • Have a diagnosis of an intellectual disability and/or a closely related condition; and

  • Are currently receiving the level of care provided in an Intermediate Care Facility for person with Intellectual Disability that is reimbursable under the State Plan, and for whom home- and community-based services are determined to be an appropriate alternative; or, 

  • Are likely to require the level of care provided in an ICF-ID that would be reimbursable under the State Plan in the absence of home and community-based services that are determined to be an appropriate alternative. 


Community Access Group Service

This service is offered at our Day Habilitation Program center to provide assistance with acquiring, retraining, or improving self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills, for active and community participation and independent functioning, outside of the person's home or their family home. 


Community Access Individual Service

This service is offered as a one-on-one service to assist the individual's ability to acquire, retrain, or improve their access to and use of community resources that increase their participation in person-specific training/coaching on skill-building to promote independence based on his or her goals. 


Adult Occupational Therapy Service

An occupational therapist provides a comprehensive assessment and therapeutic interventions to address the therapeutic needs of the individual that is a result of their developmental disability. An order by a Physician, Physician Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner is required. 


Weekly Oversight and Mentorship

Each individual in either of these services will receive weekly visits from the Director to consult with the individual, family, and staff on goal-specific objectives to optimize progress towards their goals and build personal relationships. 

Let's Work Together

Systematic Skill Building is used to build skills that include communication, social skills, community participation, vocations, and independent living in order to improve our client's quality of life. 

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