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Adult Day Health Services


Our Adult Day Health Service provides skilled nursing, rehabilitative therapy services, and personal care services for adults with medical or disabling conditions that require the intervention or services of a registered nurse (RN) or licensed rehabilitative therapist acting under the supervision of the client's physician. In order for clients to receive services, their physician will need to provide orders for services. 


Daily Grace Adult Health Services recognizes that our service strategy is best directed to customers who present with a specified range of service needs. Participants who are appropriate may have some degree of physical disability, some social impairment, some mental confusion, and /or customers who may need some assistance with activities of daily living that fall short of the need for placement in an institution.  Customers who have returned from a recent hospital or institutional stay may also be appropriate for services when they present needs as outlined above. 


Exercise Groups and Therapy Programs


To increase vitality and independence daily range of motion and aerobic exercises are led by a trained staff member. As recommended by the CDC and NIH, the Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention Program will be taught to improve balance, reduce occurrences of falls, reduction of the burden of chronic diseases, ease pain and stiffness from osteoarthritis. 


Clients may require skilled occupational, physical, or speech therapy services. The client's physician will need to prescribe for the client to receive these specialized services. This may incur an additional fee or health insurance authorization. We will conduct a comprehensive evaluation and an individualized plan of care will be established. 

Additional Services

 Classes and Workshops for Caregivers 

A family caregiver provides care for someone at home, in a long-term care facility locally, or a distance away. Caregivers often provide extensive assistance including transporting your loved one to doctor's appointments, keeping their home clean, assisting with personal care and hygiene, helping with financial concerns or insurance matters, calling to discuss concerns and fears, or coordinating services for a loved one in another state. 


At Daily Grace Health Services, we understand that these actions are a demonstration of love, but also can be heavy for one person.  


We offer the Powerful Tools for Caregivers Workshop as an education program designed for caregivers.  Our goal is to provide access to the tools needed to take care of yourself. These 90-minute classes are held once a week for 6 weeks. In each class, you will learn: 


  • How to reduce personal stress; 

  • The importance of eliminating negative self-talk;

  • How to successfully communicate your feelings and needs to others;

  • The benefits of setting limits and asking for help;

  • How to deal with emotions such as anger, guilt, and depression; and

  • Tools for making tough caregiving decisions. 


The Diabetes Empowerment Education Program is an educational curriculum designed to help people with pre-diabetes, diabetes, relatives, and caregivers gain a better understanding of diabetes self-care. Classes last a total of six weeks, providing participants with eight unique learning modules.

  • Improving and maintaining the quality of life persons with pre-diabetes and existing diabetes

  • Preventing complications and incapacities

  • Improving eating habits and maintaining adequate nutrition

  • Increasing physical activity

  • Developing self-care skills

  • Improving the relationship between patients and health care providers

  • Utilizing available resources.


Tai Chi for Arthritis for Arthritis and Fall Prevention help people with arthritis to increase muscular strength supports and protects joints, which will reduce pain. Flexibility exercises also help to reduce pain and stiffness, thus improving mobility. Stamina or fitness is important in the overall health and proper function of your heart, lungs, and muscles. It improves balance both mentally and physically thus significantly reduces the rate of fall of the older adult. Additional benefits include improving relaxation, vitality, posture, and immunity.