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Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of our clients and the community through education, compassion, and sincere care.

About Daily Grace Adult Health Services

Daily Grace Adult Health Services was founded by an occupational therapist with more than 15 years of experience working with adults and seniors who are cognitively and/or physically disabled.  For the majority of her career, she worked in skilled nursing facilities and saw heartbroken residents who longed to go home.  Most of them did not have anyone who could be a caregiver.  And, as an at-home therapy provider, she often met individuals who were faced with the challenge of managing their medicines, getting nutritious meals, and socialization. They were sedentary and felt isolated by their family and friends.

As she continued to treat these patients, she knew that an interactive and stimulating environment would be beneficial for such individuals and families. With the extensive cost of institution placement, many caregivers have been forced to not work or be limited to work less hours to care for their loved ones. Listening to caregivers who are financially stressed by these circumstances, they often speak of a need for a solution. They seek a place that is clean, affordable, and safe for their loved ones. Many of these caregivers expressed that they experienced personal stress on their health and emotions as well. 


As she continued to think about these problems and their challenges, she was encouraged to make a difference in the lives of disabled individuals who desired to remain in the community and Daily Grace Adult Health Services was formed. One research study shows that participants have a 48% decline in hospitalizations when they received home care services and adult day health services. Also, improved individual dignity,  and fewer problems with daily activities as a result of their improved physical and emotional health from attending an Adult Day Health facility.

Daily Grace Adult Health Services will serve the Middle-GA community with informative and educational workshops about various health conditions, available resources and services for health and wellness, products, and community program development for disease prevention, wellness, and productive aging.  Please contact the center to participate in educational workshops and resource fairs. 


Daily Grace Adult Health Services' staff consists of committed, skilled workers who are passionate about providing the best level of service delivered with compassion and care. 

  • Registered Nurse 

  • Caregiver Proxy 

  • Patient Care Aides

  • Occupational Therapist  

  • Volunteers 

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